1. my cat just likes to get TURNT

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    December 1987. ‘A small furry creature you can cuddle up next to, as warm as a litter of pretty, pale sweaters…’

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  4. sad drake is sad

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    Rachael Mckenna Photographer

    "Les Chats de France"

    bitch where my fancy feast at

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    thank u

    dat FRO

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    Sums up my relationship with pizza quite nicely


    FeliCIA THO

    If you don’t have Felicia Day seductively eating pizza on your blog, you aren’t blogging right.


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  9. chillin out maxin, relaxin all cool and all, takin a bbath before a week of school

  10. lem’s new swagtastic collar #catsofinstagram #purrple

  11. two besties snugglin on a bday

  12. it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood (at hillbillywood)

  13. the main reason I never want to leave my house


  14. It’s funny

    It’s funny,

    When I think about sex

    I always picture it

    like a bee sting

    But unlike bees,

    Men’s hearts aren’t attached 

    To their stingers

    They buzz about, 

    Leaving swarms of victims

    Some teary 

    Others tougher

    And still more searching for an antidote

    Yet the Man-bee stings on

    Looking for the one

    Who will draw out his heart 

    Leave him gasping for air on the 

    kitchen table

    A park bench

    A summer’s day

    The one who will prove 

    That every drone

    Has a queen

    And every thorn

    Has it’s rose.

    It’s funny,

    When I think about sex

    How my mind wanders

    They say the early bird gets the worm

    But I’ve found that the night owls 

    Have it a little easier

    There’s less pressure

    Without the urgent sun 

    In your eyes

    And the gentle stirrings of the moon

    Are more melody than

    Direct order

    The early birds may have their day

    Laid out, end to end

    Like their morning catch

    But there’s something to be said about

    The evening breeze

    Ruffling the branches of that old oak

    And the cherry blossoms glowing 

    In the darkening night

    I could be wrong, but

    It’s funny,

    When I think about sex

    I always seem to find myself


    The birds and the bees

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    ok i would get a hairless cat Maybe perhaps

    this is actually cute how

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